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Get 30% off the Program price by passing the technical assessment for 70 points and more. Chose a Specialization and apply to proceed.

Enhance your
Career with
EPAM Master's Program

You dream in code, your second language is programming and now you’re ready to accelerate your growth:

by studying with EPAM Master's Program, you have the opportunity to advance your knowledge in solving the most complex IT cases, becoming an invaluable member of any company.

Whу EPAM Master's Program?


Curriculum Driven by Business Needs

Master the knowledge required to solve
the most complex problems businesses face in any industry.


Lectures from Experienced Mentors

Learn from highly skilled practitioners
whose hands-on technical expertise
is shaped from their experience serving leading companies across the globe.


World Class Educational Approach

Our students are taught the most recent technologies, approaches and resolutions created by subject matter experts, backed by EPAM’s 25+ years of experience as a technology training provider.

Programs We Offer

Master's Program educational courses were created to advance the knowledge of experienced IT specialists on the most in-demand
and sought-after technical skills on the market today. Our courses deliver up-to-date information about Solution Architecture,
Systems Engineering (Cloud & DevOps), Data Engineering (Big Data), Delivery Management, Business Analysis and Business Intelligence.


Solution Architecture

Like architecture in construction, Solution Architecture is more than just building houses, it is about combining science with design
and usability.
IT architecture is both art and the science of designing combined with delivering valuable technology strategy.


Delivery Management

Professional Delivery managers are always focused on complicated tasks and supervising business processes, resulting in increasing the overall company’s success. They are leaders with good interpersonal skills and the ability to read and analyse any situation against the bigger picture.


Systems Engineering

Cloud & DevOps program is designed to provide you
with the basic necessary knowledge and skills related
to Cloud Service, as well as the most typical flows and best practices of its tools and capabilities usage. You will learn to work with four competitive advantages needed to meet the digital business challenges: Enterprise collaboration; Business agility;
Short time-to-value; Innovation culture.


Data Engineering

Big data concerns ways to analyse, systematically extract information from or otherwise deal with data sets that are too large or complex to be dealt with by traditional data-processing application software. Obtain the necessary theoretical and practical background that covers best engineering practices, resulting in a productive software development process along with product quality and aimed to improve the expertise in Big Data and prepare for real-time Big Data projects.


Business Analysis and Business Intelligence

Business and Data Analytics is essential, as it helps businesses understand their customers better, improves sales and customer targeting, reduces costs, and allows the creation of better problem-solving strategies.
The skills you obtain as a Business Analyst are crucial and transferrable to many other professions, from IT to Business.
This career path isn’t just a job, it’s an investment in your future.

Skills You Need to Succeed in Course

3+ Years of Experience
Working in IT as a software engineer or in a technical oriented business role
Knowledge of a Modern Programming Language

Java, JavaScript, Python and/or C#

Knowledge of English
B2+ (Upper-intermediate)
Soft Skills

Solid communicator,
humble leader, and team player eager to learn

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Our students have the opportunity
to obtain Master's Degree Diploma

Our students from Ukraine have an opportunity to choose Specialization Program in partnership with one of the leading universities. Within this option, Program modules are counted for MS programs, and students can obtain a Master's Degree diploma.
Partner Universities in Ukraine:
  • Lviv Polytechnic National University​
  • National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”​
  • National aerospace university “Kharkiv Aviation Institute”​
  • Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics​
  • National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy​
  • State University of Telecommunications​
  • Kyiv Academic University

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it possible to study online?

    Yes, both programs and universities offer an online format.

  • Is it possible to study and work at the same time?

    Yes, the Program and universities created a curriculum comfortable for combining working with studying.

  • Do I need to pay for the education at the university additionally to paying for the program itself?

    Yes, if you are not eligible for a state form of education.

  • How many hours per week will I spend studying?

    Up to 20 hours per week is the time you are supposed to spend studying on the program: 75% self-studying
    and 25% online sessions.

See what people say

"After only a month of studying, I was given a new position and a salary 30% higher. I thought the program would just give me new skills, but it gave me so much more — a full set of tools and knowledge to launch new products or even start my own business."

Kirill-Beresnev 1 (1)
Artem Kobrin, last year's graduate

"I was taking a technical expertise course, but I took a strong interest in the product management module. We learned how to start the project, plan the development process and build a business model for the product. I even came up with ideas for my own projects."

Kirilo Beresnev, last year's graduate