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Think strategically
in a changing world
with the Solution
Architecture Program

Solution Architecture, like architectural design in construction, transcends basic structure; it embodies the fusion of science, design, and user experience, crafting innovative solutions that resonate with users. This domain seamlessly blends creativity with scientific rigor, ensuring that projects not only meet technical requirements but also exceed user expectations and drive business success.

Start Date: August 19, 2024

Training Format: Online

9 months Program includes 3 modules
English Course learning language

Why Us?


Industry-Led Mentorship

The program offers a clear route to a highly demanded career of a Solution Architect. With up to 30% of time spent in direct contact with industry experts, participants receive both up-to-date theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience through an interactive digital platform.


EPAM expertise & certification

As a global leader in digital platform engineering, EPAM ensures that our program participants receive cutting-edge knowledge in enterprise architecture. The certifications offered through this program validate your proficiency at industry standards, setting you apart as a skilled professional.


In-depth education

Immerse yourself in a full-fledged education led by top industry practitioners. Beyond the basics, we provide an in-depth and comprehensive learning journey that ensures you are ready for career growth right upon program completion.


Project-based training

Our program distinguishes itself through its innovative Project-Based Training, integrating real-life case studies to thoroughly prepare participants for the demands of the job market. This unique approach fosters the development of practical skills essential for achieving success in their professional pursuits.



EPAM Systems Inc. (EPAM) is a leading digital transformation services and product engineering company. Since 1993, we have used our software engineering expertise to become a leading global provider of digital engineering, cloud and AI-enabled transformation services, as well as a leading business and experience consulting partner for global enterprises and ambitious startups. We address our clients’ transformation challenges by fusing EPAM Continuum’s integrated strategy, experience and technology consulting with our 30+ years of engineering execution to speed our clients’ time to market and drive greater value from their innovations and digital investments. Learn more at

Requirements to join the program

Group 101465
3+ Years of Experience
Working in IT as a Software Engineer or in a technically oriented business role
Group 101465 (2)
Knowledge of a Modern Programming Language
Java, JavaScript, Python and/or C#
Circles (2)
Knowledge of English
B2+ (Upper-intermediate)
Mask group (1)
Soft Skills
Solid communicator,
humble leader, and team player eager to learn

Program Overview

Solution Architecture 1.0 Module

You will learn the fundamentals of Solution Architecture, where the fusion of science, design, and usability determines which quality attributes and functional requirements will be considered. The module also explores how to transform identified issues into strategic and tactical solutions.
The Program contains 7 submodules covering such topics as quality attributes, architecture modeling, architecture documentation, and architecture styles, and provides industry best practices and architecture patterns.

Solution Architecture 2.0 Module

This module includes 8 submodules and focuses on the most common Solution Architecture domains, covering stages such as pre-sales, estimations, discovery, construction, transition, architecture design, and review.

Project-Based Training

Project-based training helps to familiarize with
the real industry standards of IT projects in the software development enterprise, gain valuable practical experience, and apply theoretical knowledge in real life.
The training will also allow the students to dive deep into the core knowledge about enterprise IT project setup.


Program Highlights


The program lasts 9 months and includes 3 modules. It is conducted entirely in English.


Certificate by EPAM is provided for each program module and after for the whole program.

Our Approach

Students benefit from 25% of contact hours with industry leaders and dedicate 75% to self-study. This approach ensures they acquire both contemporary theoretical knowledge and practical, hands-on experience through an engaging digital platform.



Pricing and Discounts


“Secure your path to enduring education in a changing world”

tickDiscounts can be summed up. The maximum discount is 20%.


Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of the Program, you will:

  • Have a deep understanding of the Solution Architecture concepts and terminology.

  • Understand the key insights necessary for crafting an IT architecture that meets the client's requirements.

  • Develop a precise understanding of the most significant, focus-demanding, and influential factors impacting architecture.

  • Acquire a thorough understanding of effective documentation methods for architecture and apply them in practice.

  • Comprehend fundamental estimation methods, various units, targets, commitments, and differences in estimates; utilize primary estimation techniques; understand their strengths and weaknesses.

  • Be able to use the best practices and tools for architecture modeling.

  • Seamlessly integrate all acquired tools into your workflow, enhancing your capacity for technical excellence.

  • Understand the definitions of quality attributes and scenarios, along with their role in architectural decisions, and apply them in practice.

  • Understand the key responsibilities of a Solution Architect, including project discovery, construction, and transition, and gain practical skills for effective execution.

  • Gain the insights of the pre-sale stage, enabling you to identify pre-sale request categories, their key milestones, subphases, the Solution Architect's role, and expected outcomes.

To become a Student, you need to:

  • Click the button below and fill out registration form.
  • Pass a technical test.
  • Complete the interview call with an enrollment specialist.


Is it possible to study online?
Yes, both programs and universities offer an online format.
Can I work and study at the same time?
Yes, the Program and universities created a curriculum comfortable for combining working with studying.
How much time per week will I commit to studying?
Up to 20 hours per week is the time you are supposed to spend studying on the program: 75% self-studying and 25% online sessions.
What is the deadline for making up my mind and paying for the program?
You should sign the contract and make the first payment 6 working days before the program starts.
When will I pay if choosing the installment payment option?
In this case, students should make the payment within the first month after the module starts.
Is there a refund if my plans change?
Yes, there are several cases that allow refunding. As well, an individual plan of studying can be considered.

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